Craft Jewelry Packaging Trends

Craft Jewelry Packaging Trends

Beautiful jewelry should arrive in a beautiful package, that goes without saying. But handmade jewelry is special, unusual, even unique, and shouldn’t come in packaging you would see in a jewelry store at the mall. On the other hand, jewelry artists don’t have time to make every package from scratch. What are some trends for turning purchased packaging into something which better suits handcrafted jewelry?

  • Natural Craft Boxes These modest boxes are the obvious choice for jewelry with an organic feel. Wood or stone beadwork, leather or hemp cord bracelets, stamped metal, clay, feathers, polished rock, or anything based on natural substances looks great in a simple paper box. A raffia ribbon or jute cord will have an appealing simplicity anchored by the signature label. For a special look, and scent, tuck in a small sprig of rosemary or lavender under the ribbon. Or try this same bit of herbal flair tied around a linen pouch.
  • Creative Use of Paper By choosing a product that suits the jewelry in either color or style, nearly any jewelry can be packaged in paper. Using tissue and wrapping paper, Beady Eyed Bunny creates a beautiful and unusual package, and her tutorial shows you how. Her jewelry is tissue-wrapped and then inserted into a pouch made of folded paper, and secured with a ribbon. Simple, inexpensive and different.
  • Unattached Hangtags These tags normally hang from the handles of a paper bag, but they can be used alone as a card holding a necklace or pair of earrings. Loop a decorative ribbon through the top hole and then poke two tiny holes to mount earrings, or make diagonal slits for the necklace chain. Voila! An unexpected jewelry card.

Jewelry is a very personal item and buying online allows the customer to find just the right piece, making a personal statement. If the packaging reflects the individuality of the artist it can create a special connection between the two. We can help you find a combination of boxes, bags, papers and accessories to make your package as special as the jewelry inside it.

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