Does the Apparel Industry Have a New Standard?

Does the Apparel Industry Have a New Standard?

Every year, 80 billion pieces of clothing are created for sale. It’s no secret that the clothing industry has often been the subject of rebuke, given its systematic failure to respect worker’s rights. Not only that, but much of the clothing produced is low-quality, and it’s mint-condition is a brief stage. Zady is a clothing company that has resolved itself to change that, and to become the new standard.

What exactly does that look like, though? For the company, whose founders have been dubbed the “Whole Foods of Fashion,” they’re making sustainable responsibility their baseline, and not their end goal.

According to Forbes, “Zady provides unparalleled access to stylish, yet sustainably produced products made from high-quality raw materials. For each product, Zady tells the story of how it was made, down to how the raw materials were acquired, aiming to facilitate a closer connection between people and our belongings.”

In a TEDx Talk, founder Maxine Bedat calls attention to the apparel industry’s rank as the second-highest polluting industry. She notes that we all know the planet is suffering, but that our options are usually presented as small and inconsequential, like turning lights off when you leave a room. Her point? We have more power than we realize, and Zady’s mission is to prove that truth.

The idea of sustainability in clothing is not new (Brands like TOMS have made a point to give back), but the scope of their mission is.

Whether or not a retailer is in the apparel industry, Zady has a message that transcends one specific business: empower the consumer. Consumers respond positively to the message that what they’re buying matters.

As a business, you have the power to carefully craft your brand’s image so that it resonates well with your customers. Particularly, if your message is one of sustainability, S. Walter has both stock and custom eco-friendly options that will enable you to accomplish that. Contact us today!

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