Eco-Friendly Practices Can Differentiate You From the Competition and Boost Profits

Eco-Friendly Practices Can Differentiate You From the Competition and Boost Profits

Businesses are always looking for ways to differentiate themselves from the competition with the intent of increasing their market share. Recently, many businesses have initiated eco-friendly packaging options in their stores, such as branded reusable canvas totes or 100% recycled paper bags.

Incorporating environmentally friendly practices will also help distinguish and elevate your brand in the minds of an increasingly ‘millennial-mindset’ consumer; which has nothing to do with the age demographic, but everything to do with consumers who wish to advocate for the environment through lifestyle and purchasing decisions.

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal demonstrated ways any business can include eco-friendly practices that save money and boost profits. Even if your product or service is not necessarily earth friendly, consider incorporating the sustainable business solutions, (and let your patrons know about it):

  • Reduce excessive water consumption- Beauty salons can use eco-hair solutions such as special nozzles on the end of faucets (flow reducers) which mixes air with the water and can reduce water bills by 50% each year. Also instead of offering clients bottled water, invest in a water purification system, which is much easier on the environment.
  • Produce oxygen  – any business can add more plant foliage to increase the air’s oxygen level and balance the carbon dioxide emissions. Creative use of product containers or brand packaging will re-enforce your eco-friendly branding.
  • Use recyclable shipping fill instead of plastic or foam. This could be tissue paper, Kraft paper, shredded paper, or newspaper. Your business saves money and helps the environment.
  • Reduce business related errands and mailings by using services that offer apps and/or cloud-based printing services for transferring information. Plan your business travel routes to save on fuel and also consolidate shipments to the same destination.
  • Reducing overhead costs and energy utilization can be as simple as installing energy-efficient, sensor-activated lighting; programmable thermostats; and having a tune-up performed on refrigeration and HVAC systems.

And of course – send your customers’ items home in an eco-friendly bag! Contact us to learn more about our bag laws website, which tracks plastic and paper bag legislation across the county, as well as our eco-friendly packaging options!

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