Four Benefits of Company Swag

Four Benefits of Company Swag

While “swag” is a newer term, the concept of presenting potential customers with company-related merchandise isn’t a new one. It is, however, a woefully underutilized method of community outreach. We like to think of company swag as a vast untapped resource, and we’ve got four tips to help you take advantage of it.

  1. It generates excitement. Company swag, or “free merch,” has the power to generate excitement at the concept of complimentary merchandise, as well as lend the company both legitimacy and interest. Who doesn’t like free merchandise, after all?
  2. It inspires brand loyalty. When a consumer wears/uses the company swag, they’ll be reminded of the company that provided it for them. They’ll feel a certain camaraderie with said company, and it may inspire them to consider the brand when next they need assistance.
  3. It gets the message out there. There’s no better way to spread the word of your company or business than free swag. It’s easy to spread around, and when potential customers wear or use the merchandise, they’ll undoubtedly be asked questions about where and how they got it, particularly if the brand design is striking or original. Swag is the perfect conversation-starter!
  4. It creates lasting impressions. Though it’s given a flashy term, swag is meant to be used and enjoyed long after the event has passed. The customer will be reminded every time they use the item, not just a day or two after.

There are plenty of reasons to bring company swag to your next company event, and we hope these four have shed some light on its benefits. Get started on your customized merch today.

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