Gift Packaging Forecasts for 2017

Gift Packaging Forecasts for 2017

Gift packaging continues to be increasingly popular in the final years of the 2010s. A recent report by Future Marketing Insights highlights the various aspects of the gift packaging industry that they forecast will grow bigger over the next 10 years. These are some of the biggest trends in the new report:

  • Gift packaging being used in more food products. More consumers are buying edible gifts for their loved ones for special occasions, and these gifts run the gamut from traditional sweet treats to other attractively packaged foods, like gourmet cupcakes and donuts. Companies will continue to work on finding creative ways to package gift foods.
  • Gift wrap. Gift wrap is a great way to enhance your product packaging and separates the packaging you send to everyone from the packages purchased as gifts. Types of gift wrap that will become even more popular with customers include non-paper wrap (such as wrapping gifts with bags and scarves) and recycled wrapping paper.
  • Healthy growth forecasted. The report shows healthy growth in the gift packaging industry, with the current rate being at about 10%. Along with food products, consumers continue to enjoy using gift packaging for a wide variety of products, such as gift cards and smaller electronics. This is a trend that appears to show continued growth worldwide over the next 10 years, with Asia being the largest market of growth.

We remain committed to staying up on the latest trends in the product and gift packaging industries to create beautiful packaging that sells. Contact us to see how we can help your business increase sales this year.

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