Hand Lettering on Your Product Packaging

Hand Lettering on Your Product Packaging

As a greater number of companies work to make their product packaging sophisticated and unique, it’s important for your company to continue to develop strategies that helps it stand apart from the competition. One recent trend that is making a comeback is hand lettering and calligraphy. This beautiful typography form will help make your packaging special.

Recently, DW posted a video about this carefully done art’s recent resurgence. A greater number of people are learning this art in workshops, and one popular use for it is on product packaging. Here are some ways attractive calligraphy will help your product packaging stand apart:

  • Personalize products. Don’t just put a name on the product label – make it particularly distinctive. Using calligraphy puts a personal touch on the product that makes the consumer really appreciate that they bought it. It’s also a wonderful addition to a gift label, to make the recipient feel all that much more appreciative.
  • Create hand-lettered packaging. Some of the most attractive gift boxes have words on them. Calligraphy is a distinctive way to add a company name, motto, or relevant motivational or inspirational saying to your packaging. This style is great for weddings, parties and events.
  • Bring history and charm to your products. Calligraphy has a delightful old-fashioned charm to it, bringing back positive memories of a past era. For many company products, having that feeling of sentimental nostalgia moves customers into a sense of connection that converts to additional sales.

To get started on your hand lettering packaging, choose from our huge selection of paper bags and boxes. We provide interesting and original designs on product packaging for a number of businesses. Contact us to hear more about how our distinctive designs will help your packaging stand out from the competition.


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