Is a Flexible POS System Right for your Business?

Is a Flexible POS System Right for your Business?

Big box, children’s clothing store Gymboree has transitioned to a flexible point of sales system (POS), which allows store staff to not only process secure payments from anywhere within the store but also allows access to inventory and order information. The company selected a mobile POS which allows for wireless retail transactions. This has, in effect, de-centralized the cashier, as credit card scanners are attached to tablet computers or smartphones.

If your business has not considered a flexible POS system, here are 10 retail and service industry specific advantages for considering a wireless POS system:

  • Wait staff in restaurants can directly communicate customer orders to the kitchen.
  • Retail design can incorporate modern store layouts that benefit the customers’ needs.
  • Spa and salon technicians process customers at individual stations.
  • Payroll, accounting, and inventory systems can be integrated with sales.
  • Receipts are sent directly to the client’s email address.
  • Offer customized promotions based on past sales per client.
  • Gift, candy, and bakery retailers can set-up portable sales at neighborhood locations.
  • Manage inventory, pricing, and sales from home, with cloud-based technology.
  • Can suit multiple business models – independent, chain, a la carte
  • Easy employee training reduces errors.

A flexible POS system can be beneficial to companies in any industry, just as a coordinated packaging program can. Contact us to learn more!

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