New Study Shows Branded Packaging Makes Huge Impact on Consumers

New Study Shows Branded Packaging Makes Huge Impact on Consumers

A 2016 study by Dotcom Distribution, Driving Customer Loyalty With Fast Delivery and Quality Packaging, has effectively surveyed consumers and found that much of what drives them, relates back not just to the product, but also to the aesthetic quality of the brand. Branding makes products more enticing to the customer, that much is clear.

“Our most recent data helps retailers identify how they can increase brand loyalty via shipping practices, as well as how customer expectations are increasing year-over-year,” said Maria Haggerty, CEO of Dotcom Distribution. “E-commerce is taking over the retail market, so brands must ensure they take advantage of the opportunity to deliver… in the most personal way.”

Below are some findings that make it clear that packaging, especially given the overall lack of personalization related to online shopping, has a significant impact that should not be overlooked:

  • 68% of online shoppers reported that branded packaging makes the brand seem more upscale.
  • 61% (A number that’s risen) report that branded aesthetics get them excited about receiving and opening the product.
  • 44% reported that branding makes the purchase seem worthwhile.
  • 17% reported that branded packaging make the brand seem more relatable.
  • 87% report shipping speed as a deciding factor when making a purchase.
  • 50% report that branded packaging makes them more likely to recommend to a friend.


In many ways, the work of the retailer is tough. Trends are always evolving, and the modern consumer has high-expectations, but there is one thing that is clear: branded packaging can make a world of difference.

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