Retail Trade Groups Forecast Increased Holiday Shopping Sales for 2016c

Retail Trade Groups Forecast Increased Holiday Shopping Sales for 2016c

As the holidays approach, they bring with them one of the largest shopping seasons of the year. According to two separate retail trade groups there’s good news on the horizon for retailers: consumers are estimated to spend more, and spend it faster despite distractions like unpredictable weather and the recent presidential election.

In a press release at the beginning of October, the National Retail Federation predicated that sales during the holiday season will increase by 3.6%, reaching $655.8 billion, which is markedly higher than the ten-year average of 2.5%.

“All of the fundamentals are in a good place, giving strength to consumers and leading us to believe that this will be a very positive holiday season,” NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay said.

Similarly, the International Council of Shopping Centers released their annual holiday forecast citing a 3.3% growth. The ICSC claims that 91% of shoppers will spend at a physical store, and that 96% will spend either there or online with a retailer that boasts a physical storefront.

Plus, they note that “Americans crave the holiday experience.” It isn’t just about finding the gifts, and purchasing them, it’s also a matter of providing an experience for customers that is festive and memorable. The experience factor is one of the major ways that retailers are able to distinguish themselves from the competition.

Now is the time for retailers to make sure that their strategy for the holiday season is in place. As the forecasts note, one surefire way to ensure that shoppers become loyal, satisfied clientele it to make an unforgettable impression. At S. Walter Packaging that’s just the thing we excel at crafting.

Contact us today so that we can help you use your packaging to build a holiday experience for your customers that will distinguish your brand long after the season ends.

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