Three Retail Trends Impacting Businesses This Year

Three Retail Trends Impacting Businesses This Year

We are well into 2017 at this point, and a number of retail trends have emerged that impact small and large businesses alike. In an increasingly changing and unpredictable US retail landscape, staying on top of the trends and adjusting your business strategy is essential for your business’ success.

In the first quarter of 2017, these three business trends are proving especially important:

1. Increased focus on buying local products.

This trend is good news for small businesses and businesses with local headquarters. Gone are the days of secret, offshore production houses. Now more than ever, buyers want to know that their brands are locally sourcing and making their favorite products, a trend that supports sustainable, environmentally friendly practices. The trend is helping local businesses thrive, while department stores that fail to take a local angle are scaling back or closing at an increasing rate. If all of your operations are currently out-of-town, consider moving some of them back to the community you serve.

2. More mobile shopping and services.

It’s no secret that online shopping has increased dramatically over the past few years, meaning a business must have a strong website with sales results to succeed. Recently, as smart phones become increasingly sophisticated, more consumers are taking out their phones to make online purchases on the go. Phones and mobile devices are changing how people shop and it is expected to grow and change the shopping experience.

3. Reduced use of traditional shopping malls.

In the ’90s, Americans headed to the local mall to do all of their shopping and hang out. Over the past decade, the mall has become less popular, and many large malls are closing or struggling to stay afloat as more people choose to shop locally and online. But all hope is not lost. The successful, modern mall of 2017 creates a town-like atmosphere that feels like the downtown area of a small town. Malls that build an urban community element, particularly outdoors, are still thriving.

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