Tips for E-Commerce Packaging Safety

Tips for E-Commerce Packaging Safety

When creating an e-commerce packaging program, one of the most important aspects is safety of your product. Packages should look attractive, but they also need to be sturdy enough to ensure that the product does not get damaged or destroyed, particularly if your company ships products in addition to doing in-store sales. You want to give the same experience to in-store shoppers as online shoppers.

Recently, Internet Retailer discussed challenges and solutions to packaging safety. They profiled a Dutch bike company, VanMoof, which created packaging that discovered an unusual and original idea to keep their bicycles safe. The company previously struggled with keeping bikes safe during shipping, having to sell bikes at a discount that got harmed in shipping. Cleverly, VanMoof decided to start shipping their bicycles in shipping boxes that displayed a flat screen TV, thinking the delivery person would treat it more carefully if he/she thought it was a TV. Damaged bike issues dropped dramatically after the switch.

The article also discusses other reasons to make sure product packaging remains safe when it’s shipped. Good e-commerce packaging preserves items, ensures products don’t show wear and tear (reducing costs by not having to refund customers), helps the products get delivered more quickly, and keeps a positive business reputation.

In order to have safe, sturdy e-commerce packaging that withstands shipping, the following methods are recommended: Making sure boxes used are sturdy and new, particularly the exterior shipping box, choosing a box that fits the product well, mostly filling the box with your product and then adding cushioning, carefully positioning the products in the box, and ensuring you use the proper cushion for more fragile items.

We prioritize e-commerce product safety, as well as beauty in our product packaging. Contact us to learn about the techniques we use to make your product packaging strong and durable.

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