Top Three Retail Trends for 2017

Top Three Retail Trends for 2017

Retail trends come and go, though sometimes you see ones sustain for years and years. Three top trends this year more or less reach back to standard business practices while keeping one foot into the coming decade. If you’re going to stay competitive in the increasingly busy business world, it pays to heed some of the most popular trends and build on them. While this adheres to packaging practices, it also applies to basic principles and philosophies.

Here’s three to consider for the year and beyond:

  1. Unique In-Store Experiences

Visiting a brick-and-mortar store isn’t obsolete, and one of the biggest trends for this year and beyond is to create a unique experience inside. While e-commerce continues to grow, you might wonder what can you do to make a stand-alone buying atmosphere for your in-store customers. Part of this comes in matching an online shopping experience. A path forward on this is through omnichannel marketing where you market to different touchpoints, including digitally. You might want to use in-store tablets, or even mobile iBeacons to alert customers to certain products or discounts. Be sure to add educational information as well so customers learn everything they can about your product before buying.

  1. Providing Easier Mobile Payments for Customers

Don’t discount the power of mobile in the business world. Customers want to start having mobile convenience in how they pay for your products. Providing fast and easy mobile payments system are definitely a trend this year, and likely far beyond. Statistics show mobile payment volume going up to $503 billion within the next four years. Not jumping on the mobile pay wagon now is going to mean you losing out on providing customer convenience. Give them the best mobile payment systems out there, which includes Apple Pay.

  1. More Convenience in Store Packaging

With packaging being a major part of your retail store, the most recent focus is on creating small, lighter, and more disposable packaging for easier transportation. Some of your customers may have to travel a distance to reach your store and don’t want to deal with heavy bags or other obstructive packages. Being able to provide a “consumption-as-you-go” philosophy gives proof to your buyers that you care about how they carry out their purchased items. Resealable packs are part of this trend, as well as paper board to provide something lighter and transparent. Contact us at S. Walter Packaging to learn about our retail packaging service and how we can customize packaging for you.


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