Trends in Retail for 2017

Trends in Retail for 2017

As we enter 2017, a number of positive new trends are emerging that impact the commercial packaging business. In a recent article, expert business consultant and adviser Richard Shapiro took a look at what’s coming to the sales and retail industry in 2017:

  • Good packaging is becoming more important than ever: Shapiro finds that customers continue to place high importance in savoring opening a beautifully packaged product. Many successful companies have a signature look to their packaging, and customers look forward to this when they buy their products. Creating a signature “look” in your company packaging will help you sell your products.
  • Delivery packaging is becoming increasingly important: In the age of services like Amazon prime, delivery is becoming more convenient, and more customers choose it than ever before. When customers get that product at their door, they appreciate a well-packaged product that stayed intact through delivery and looks attractive. Be sure to give your online customers the same packaging experience as you do your in-store customers!
  • Creating a rich experience of all five senses in retail packaging is essential: Customers want their packaging not just to look nice, but also to engage their other senses. For example, many people like to have product packaging that feels smooth or otherwise interesting texture to touch. Having the product smell nice will also awaken the customer’s senses, making them pleasantly anticipate opening the product. With some products, such as gourmet food or wine, customers may even enjoy packaging they can taste!

2017 looks to be a great year for businesses, with consumer confidence increasing more than ever. Contact us to learn more about how our beautiful, customized retail packing will help your business stand out in 2017.

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